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In 2012 the export of Chinese textile machinery products top 10 enterprises[ 2015-08-03 ]
In 2012 the export of Chinese textile machinery products top 10 enterprises RankingEnterprise1O
Textile machinery industry will be entering a new period[ 2015-08-03 ]
    With the development of the social situation and the progress of science and technolog
Jingwei textile machinery (350) spent 1.5 billion domestic currency portfolio camp management risk trust assets and the trust fund[ 2015-08-03 ]
    Jingwei textile machinery, (00350) reported on December 12, a subsidiary of trust and
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  According to the market, in recent years, the textile machinery industry, downturn, order, tr
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  Last year's global sales figures released by the recent international spinning league sho
In the first three quarters of the export of Chinese textile machinery[ 2015-08-03 ]
  According to the customs information network data statistics, this year in the first three qu
Jingwei textile machinery (350) in September first net profit fell 26.84% to 317 million yuan[ 2015-08-03 ]
  Jingwei textile machinery (00350) reported that by the end of nine months ended June 30, 2014
Dongguan machine substitution drive development of textile machinery industry[ 2015-08-03 ]
  Dongguan textile industry in south China, and China is now one of the major textile export ci