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VZG-60 Elastic Cord & Fancy Yarn Knitting machine

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This machine has features of single spindle, single motor, high output speed, and stable performance. It is new type and efficient spinning equipment.

Main technical index

01LayoutMulti-section combine; Single or double sided operation
02SpindlesSections(max 5)x12(6) spindles;Standard:5x12 spindles
03Work drum slot number4G\6G\12G\18G(Depending on yarn type)
04Work drum drivenA type: droved by individually motor(0.18kw each); B type: droved by main & belt motor
05Work drum rotation speed1800R.P.M
06Winding way Winde by paper coil
07Spindle distance200mm
08Automatic stop arrangementAutomatic yarn breaker
09Total power  12.3kw for 60 spindles;  By main & belt total power
10Output speed4-13m/min (by yarn type)
11Boundary dimension 7.4mx1.2m(0.6m)x1.8m(LxWxH)

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