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XZPS-96 Type Air Yarn Machine

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Mainly used for processing outer woven hollow mesh belt, filled with all kinds of wool type fiber spray wool yarn tape.

Main Technological Parameters:

TypeDouble-faced vertical symmetrical arrangement
Spinnable fiber102mm Size below 102mm wool or wool type fiber
Number of spindles96Ring diameterφ112mm
Spindle pitch200mmInput roller diameterφ25mm
Pitch1690mmOutput roller diameterφ42mm
The total power25.74kwOutput speed4-13m/min
Electric control systemBy the touch screen to realize man-machine interface, PLC, process parameter setting, modification and storage
Transmission modeThe needle cylinder, ring spun the functioning of variable frequency
speed regulation, tangential belt drive
Size of machine13050×3660×2300mm  L×W×H

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