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VZG-60 Elastic Cord & Fancy Yarn Knitting machine

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Features and Advantages:

Serial VZG needle cylinder crochet machine for the production of various fancy yarn which short cut ( feater yarn, and diamond yarn called in India ), chain, cord and hollow tape yarn for use in knitting industry, eigher hand or machine made in weaving of apparel fabrics.

Seven type of needle-cylinder is acailabe to different yarn.

Main technical parameters:

01InstructionMulti-section combine; Single or double sided operation
02Spindle NumberSections ( max 5 ) x12 ( 6 ) spindles; Standard: 5x12 spindles
03Spindle Gauge4G\6G\12G\18G ( Depending on yarn type )
04Driving SystemA type: droved by individually motor ( 0.18kw each ); B type: droved by main & belt motor
05Rotating speed1800R.P.M
06Winding SystemWinde by paper coil
07Spindle Pitch200mm
08Since Stop DeviceAutomatic yarn breaker
09Total PowerBy individually motor toral power 12.3kw for 60 spindles;  By main & belt total power
10Output Speed4-13m/min ( by yarn type )
11Dimension7.4mx1.2m ( 0.6m ) x1.8m ( LxWxH )

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