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VG-980A Crochet Knitting Machine

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VG-980A is the new type crochet knitting machine developed by us, based on widely absorbing customers' experience and the advantage of same type crochet knitting machine. After the machine is remoulded, this new technology has already been patented for our company. The updated machine is characteristic of the followings:

  1. the patent structure increases the capacity about more 2~7 times than the old type, without widening the operation width.

  2. the newly designed cam lowers the noise and extends the machine lifetime.

  3. the optimized structure of the machine lengthens the further of the yarn and fasten the further making the further being not falling off, even if intentionally pulled by hand.

Main technical paramenters:

01Operational Width: 762mm ( 30 inch )
02Gauge needles per inch: 15, 18, 20 ( according to customer need )
03Weft needle plates: 2pcs
04Stich density: 5-20S/cm
05Link chain: 12-50 sections
06Main shaft speed: Max.1500r/min
07The girth of rack frame: 170cm
08Whole machine power: 1.56KW
09No.of yarn Ф bobbin: 520 pieces
10Gaugo of yarn spindle: 200mm
Dimensions1Main machine(L X W X H)mm: 1750X1950X1750
2winding section(L X W X H)mm: 3000X2800X2400
3Yarn frame(L X WX H)mm: 4200X1880X2750

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