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Textile machinery industry will be entering a new period

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    With the development of the social situation and the progress of science and technology, the textile machinery industry entered a new period of development. The double task of textile machinery industry, in the new period is to serve the needs of the development of the industry and market and to lead the development of the industry and market.

    The progress of science and technology, make the textile machinery industry is facing a new stage of development, reform and innovation, or wait for elimination, become each textile industry owners face a common problem.

    History in promoting social progress, science and technology in the development of society, who also could not prevent it.

    With the development of the social situation and the progress of science and technology, the textile machinery industry entered a new period of development. China textile machinery industry from scratch, from replacement to manufacture from the past, from single manufacture to complete set of process engineering, from a single industry to cover both upstream and downstream industries, from a traditional industry, for improvement into the high-tech fiber materials and deep processing of new and high technology industries.

    So, in the new period of development, the development of the textile machinery industry performance in what way?

    From single planned economy to the socialist market economy. Textile machinery products into commodity production, only a domestic market in the past, now is facing both international and domestic markets. Market without borders, commodity producers have to turn around the market. The allocation of resources market is the foundation, and rapidly changing market demand. The demand of the market, and to promote the transformation and upgrading of our, prompted the progress of technology, no progress will be eliminated. In the past, a year tens of thousands of sets of shuttle loom production, supply, and now have woven confidential into the museum.

    From on pure quantity increase to quality and technical content increase. Quantitative change to qualitative change, is a process of development of things. From scratch, from there to many, from how to big, from weak strength, is a process of quantitative change to qualitative change, the law of development of things. A product or class of products at the same time a number of production, only the pursuit of the number of the same level, no innovation, no quality improvement and the increase of the content of technology is easy to form the "internal friction", or overproduction, drove us in the form of development to walk the road of innovation.

    From traditional industries to high-tech materials and new and high technology industries. Situation prompted the development of the traditional "up" to new materials industry, "to drop" to the high-tech fiber processing industry, to adapt to the aviation, aerospace, medical, water conservancy, building industry and decoration, clothing and other emerging industries.

    From the traditional mechanical structure to replace manual era, entered the mechanization, automation, continuous, intelligent, with electronic technology as the core of the era of information technology. Polyester and chemical fiber spinning production is not only the large capacity and high speed, automation, continuous production. High-speed operation of the traditional ring spinning technology of high speed, continuous; Rotor spinning tens of RPM; High-speed reciprocating crossover operation of shuttleless looms, speed more than thousand RPM, adopted the "navigation system" technology on the control.

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