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Textile industry mechanization, automation, intelligent machine substitution?

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  Textile industry is labor-intensive industries, as China's demographic dividend gradually disappear, transformation and upgrading is urgently needed. Mechanization, automation, intelligence to transform traditional industries, promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial workers, increase efficiency, the effective ways to ease the job difficult, therefore also pulled open China ushered in "machine substitution".

Positive response plan effective industry

  Is first to introduce "machine substitution" program in zhejiang province provinces, in early 2013, the zhejiang government fully implement "vacate basket change a bird, substitution and space change machine, electricity in the city" of the "four in" project, has opened up a new pattern of economic development. According to the letter committee, zhejiang province, for more than a year of project startup, has achieved great success.

  First of all, reduces the labor and production and operation costs. According to the survey, carried out after machine substitution, 61.5% of companies reduce the frontline staff of more than 10%, 68.9% of the enterprise production costs fell by more than 5%, in the case of other conditions unchanged, for every one percent below the enterprise cost means that corporate profits increased by 1%.

  Second, improve the labor production efficiency. 27.3% of surveyed enterprise labor productivity after the "machine substitution" up by more than 30%; 16.6% of the enterprise labor productivity increased by 20% to 30%; 29% of the enterprise labor productivity increased by 29% ~ 20%.

  Third, improve the quality of the product. Because the machine operation has manual operation beyond the reach of precision and accuracy, and thus "machine substitution" in the role to improve the quality of enterprise product quality is also very obvious. Investigation shows that nearly 98.3% of the enterprise after the substitution product quality have varying degrees of increase. Fourth, reducing the energy consumption. In companies, says up to 86.3% of the enterprises to carry out the energy consumption dropped after the "machine substitution".

  The textile industry occupies the important position in the machine substitution. According to ke bridge by letter bureau said that from January to September this year, a total investment of RMB 661 661 technological upgrading projects to complete. The textile project investment of 15.342 billion yuan, accounting for 63%.

  Lanxi is weaving characteristic industrial cluster areas, denim production in the country first, local according to the status quo of yarn-dyed fabric production, timely launch of the textile industry "machine substitution", its main content is introducing drawing-in, reeding, tying and other automation equipment, to replace manual labor, for companies listed in the "machine substitution", encouraging them to buy automation equipment, the government offer certain subsidies, mainly through policy guidance, encourage enterprises to a high degree of automation equipment to replace manual labor, achieve the goal of "substitution" machine. Lanxi have hundreds of weaving enterprises, local selected from more than 70 enterprises (including 10 demonstration enterprises, promote enterprise 60), first began to implement "machine substitution" projects, these projects require years all starts, to ensure that the production rate 85%, more than 90% of the investment plan.

  Shaoxing is from the perspective of printing and dyeing industry reform, launched the "substitution" machine engineering, they for dyeing and printing industry informatization and the weak link of energy management, automation informatization reform and "machine substitution", and achieved good results.

Ascension space huge implementation difficulties

  Spinning process is complicated, only from cotton to yarn through clear, comb, and, coarse, fine process. Continuous and intelligent become continuous requirements of enterprise development, currently has made some achievements, but as a traditional industry in the aspect of intelligent textile enterprises has much room to improve.

With automatic doffing machine as an example, the data show that at present our country still use artificial doffing way production enterprises account for over 97% of the total national textile enterprise, and using hand (or power) inclined pull and push type doffer enterprise is less than 1% of the country's total, basic belongs to the edge of elimination. And Europe and the United States developed automatic doffing replace artificial doffing enterprise quantity can reach more than 85%, according to the trend, in the next few years, China's automatic doffer demand is expected to appear "blowout" phenomenon.

  Machine substitution in alternative artificial increase productivity has incomparable advantage, but for the vast number of textile enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprise is concerned, there are still many difficulties. Cost is high, the financing difficulty, the biggest obstacle into machine substitution.

Zhejiang via letter committee according to the survey, about 71.1% of enterprises believe that the top issue facing the current to carry out the "substitution" machine is high cost. According to the enterprise for the modification of the completed "machine substitution" survey, more than half of the enterprise investment in 10 million yuan of above. This is not a small number, and in recent years, financing costs, financing difficulties and other factors make enterprises substitution away on the machine. Second, the maintenance is also a big problem. To get rid of daily equipment maintenance cost, and maintenance personnel. Textile enterprise employees generally cultural and technical level is relatively low, a serious lack of technical talents. And automation equipment for the introduction of the demand of all kinds of technical personnel will increase sharply, textile enterprises need to undertake training or the introduction of high-level technical personnel, it is also a big burden. Not only that, investment recovery period is longer. According to the survey, has completed the machine substitution transformation in the enterprise capital is recovered in 4 years up to 36.8% of the total enterprise.

  In view of this, dean of zhejiang university of science and technology mechanical xu-dong hu think, textile enterprises should adjust measures to local conditions, is not necessarily one pace reachs the designated position. "Machine substitution" actually but can small, generally speaking, the whole production line, investment is large, suitable for big business, but small businesses can also through one of the unit equipment automation transformation, achieve the goal of machine substitution. Weaker companies to focus on a few auxiliary work, such as knitting stitch, the mill drum up and down, weighing, packaging, and transfer process, although these process is not the key type of work, but the use of a lot of, and the process is relatively simple, relatively easy to success; Second, some preparation equipment such as double twisting spindle drive, winding and rewinding, use of automation technology, design some automatic stop device, can be single spindle automatic parking, do not affect the machine production, had a little effects on productivity, so that you can realize unmanned workshop production, or just regular visit, save Labour.

Challenge the opportunities and technology service

  Textile machinery enterprises have come machine substitution, opportunities also has a lot of challenges. Xu-dong hu said that the current textile machinery is in relatively weak position, the machine substitution for some businesses may be an opportunity, based on the equipment automation and intelligent level of ascension, to solve the plight of the textile industry of recruitment difficult, you can out of a road in the current downturn. Digital, intelligent, but the equipment more difficult, it is not like the past technical transformation, can be fake, or entrust a trial production can be completed, it requires more cooperation with universities and automation equipment research unit, from technological process to the overall production process to conduct a comprehensive integration, so a bigger challenge. In the face of such situation, the textile enterprise which prepare to do again?

  First, continuous innovation, implement the strategy of differentiation. Technology innovation, is the core competitiveness of an enterprise, constantly optimize their product differentiation through technology innovation, is now in urgent need of transformation and upgrading of the depth adjustment period. Such as CiXing recently launched a robot for mesh suture system, woolen sweater garment piece suture is a very big sweater industry labor process, and age, visual, and physical requirements for workers are high. CiXing company selected first breakthrough in this process, can greatly reduce the number of labor, the application prospect.

  Second, strengthen the service consciousness. Manufacturing step by step to develop in the direction of personal customization, even the same industry, the situation of the enterprise is also differ in thousands ways, demand is also different. Textile machinery enterprises in the process, not only to supply equipment, but also provide update service mode or borrow long-term accumulation of experience in the past, become one of the best consultants textile enterprises. For example, the count of shares in complete sets of equipment at the same time, the promotion by manufacturer professional in textile enterprises instead of the maintenance man nanny service mode, gradually been recognized by customers. Or, in view of the enterprise after the implementation of the "machine substitution" puts forward new requirements to front-line workers, help the textile enterprise training a batch of mastering new technologies, new processes, new equipment operating and maintenance personnel.

At the same time, to improve the comprehensive quality of after-sales service personnel. The comprehensive quality of employees reflects the culture of an enterprise, represents the image of an enterprise. Often should, therefore, the after-sale service department personnel professional knowledge, standardized operation, training and assessment of the ability of communication.

  Third, to strengthen technical alliance. Technology alliance is often many of the world's manufacturing powerhouse to form and maintain the competitiveness of an important way. A single enterprise because of a shortage of funds, scientific research ability, often cannot form effective breakthrough technology, and the technology alliance is greatly increased the possibility. In 2011, several domestic production enterprises of steel wire steel wire circle of technical innovation alliance cooperation with tsinghua university state key laboratory of tribology development, make the product technology content and get improved performance, product prices have also improved. With colleges and universities, therefore, formed a production, the union or the alliance between the enterprise, is the effective measure to enhance the level of technology.

  Fourth, strengthen the consciousness of intellectual property rights (ipr) protection. Look from the industry present situation, the enterprise has not formed intellectual property protection consciousness, the problem is more prominent. This gives speculators and created the conditions, so it has advantage of differentiated products not form difference, soon to be copied. Therefore, the enterprise must strengthen the protection of patents, proprietary technology, such as intellectual property rights.

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