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Transformation and upgrading of textile machinery to profitability

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  According to the market, in recent years, the textile machinery industry, downturn, order, transformation and upgrading of enterprises to innovation and development. Transformation and upgrading of enterprises must synchronize with innovative and efficient, not all companies pursue high-end equipment, should be more. For small and medium-sized enterprises, products, a large number of inventory, backlog of invested money in the warehouse, not cash flow.   Transformation and upgrading the purpose is to reverse losses as soon as possible, improve enterprise competitiveness in the market. This would require the use of new thinking, new model, new ways to crack.

  Some enterprises have heard examples of university-industry cooperation will follow suit, looking for a textile department university signed an agreement, to justify their own product research and development concept.

  These companies in addition to copy technology, copy thinking, copy the way, what other innovations also have no, this is the blind imitation of thinking pushed themselves into the despair.

  In recent years, the textile machinery equipment from the standard to the new mode of "private custom", through innovative design, the single machine the real performance, excellent meet the demand of users is the way out.

  If you want to change the downturn, the current situation of lack of order, you should first solve how to transformation, the basic problem of where to turn. Transformation of the pattern of economic development is the purpose of the transformation and upgrading, promote structural adjustment, concrete embodiment in the implementation of strategy development, structural adjustment, the management structure optimization, technical innovation drive, etc.

  With the industry experts suggest that the transformation of enterprises need to pay attention to the following approach:

  A not means the transformation and upgrading into the high-tech and cutting-edge technology development, and should be based on their own resources, talent resources, the elements of such factors as management foundation, analyzed scientifically, play to comparative advantage, has the choice of taking the path of transformation and upgrading.

  2 it is through the transition to expand to the high value added link of development and control. Avoid the low-end, small profits, the generation of processing, agents, distribution link, to seek "the strong research and development, design, tree brand, to build logistics, billiton market" value-added process.

  Three is the enterprise is the main part of the production and business operation, figure out how to turn, steering, and the link needs to turn, how to turn maximal profit, how to avoid risks, how to transform and transfer.

  Fourth, transformation and upgrading of enterprises should pay attention to high-end talent introduction and training, increase investment in science and technology research and development, to adopt new technology, new equipment, make original core technology, on high-end products, the development of vocational and service requirements.

  Transformation and upgrading of the success criteria should have very strong anti-risk ability, promoting the production efficiency and management benefit of dual requirement, achieve the vulgar management following intensive direction, meet by the low value-added products to high value-added, achieve the worker income increased year by year, is advantageous to the enterprise sustainable long-term development.

  A senior adviser to China textile machinery equipment industry association yong-sheng wu summary and thinking of our country's textile machinery products, said after the product technical level is not high, the quality is not high, the reliability level is not high, high-end products are imported products, such as extrusion series of problems, is caused by the common fault of the industry development, namely in some enterprises, in order to catch the situation, drive task, lose not a chance to transformation and upgrading, is caused by the slow developing technology upgrading, capital flow not free of bad circulation.

  So, he reminded enterprises, adjust measures to local conditions is the key of enterprise seek development starting point. If the transformation is the enterprise products, to develop high-end features and market by optimizing product structure, to high-end, characteristic, the development of cost-effective products, enhance the level of value; If the market transition, take emphasis to seek new development space; If the transformation of sustainable development, can the construction of brand cultivation and increased spending on research and development to master the core technology based on innovation, make the cost effective control, to provide cost-effective products to market.

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