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In the first half of the purchasing power of China textile machinery industry accounted for more than 60%

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  Last year's global sales figures released by the recent international spinning league shows that global textile machinery market mainly in Asia, and China's purchasing power is accounted for by more than 60%, but growth has slowed.

  Our country textile machinery imports totaled $2013 in 4.22 billion, up 0.04% from a year earlier. Total imports in the first quarter 1.1 billion dollars this year, up 21.56% from a year earlier. So, from these figures, China's textile market demand for the foreign advanced equipment has not weakened.

  From China textile industry association, according to data released in 2013, according to China textile machinery industry of the objective need of upgrading of textile industry, speed up the adjustment of product structure and technology upgrade, the overall level of the industry have improved obviously.

  Textile machinery products in such aspects as technical level, product quality has greatly increased. Although narrow domestic market demand, export growth, the whole running in a stable situation of the industry.

  Textile machinery industry gross profit is 8.247 billion yuan, year-on-year increase of 1.149 billion yuan. According to Chinese customs statistics, in 2013, our country textile machinery import and export of accumulative total of $6.739 billion, up 4.32% from a year earlier. Among them: textile machinery exports of $2.519 billion, up 12.36%; Imported us $4.22 billion, up 0.04% from a year earlier.

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