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Dongguan machine substitution drive development of textile machinery industry

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  Dongguan textile industry in south China, and China is now one of the major textile export city, initially formed as the leading export-oriented economy, private economy keeping abreast of the textile industry, with humen clothing and DaLang hair again among them. By 2001, the city has all kinds of textile and garment enterprises 6523, accounts for 23.74% of the   industrial companies, including 1210 "three to fill a" enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, 1622; Private enterprises 4660, account for 71.4% of the textile enterprises in the city; Annual sales revenue exceeds one hundred million yuan of enterprise's 24. Have employees 560000 people, among them, the senior title above nearly 20000 people. With an annual output of 860 million pieces (sets) of various types of clothing, 70% products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, Russia and southeast Asia market.

  In dongguan, robot technology association, vice President of fai research in all of the enterprises, 74.8% of the enterprise reflects the employment aspects there is a gap. Employment gap exists in the enterprise, they are the most urgent need is still the ordinary workers and technical workers, have both employment gap of enterprises accounted for 56.7% and 54.8% of respondents.

  For the research and development personnel and management personnel, also exists a larger gap of employment, there are both employment gap of enterprises accounted for 14.4% and 13.5% of the respondents. Please not the cause of the workers on the one hand is the dongguan labor loss, on the other hand is the salary requirement of Labour increases significantly.

Textile industry transformation direction is through technology progress and the improvement of quality of the labor force to achieve transformation and upgrading. Enterprise by improving the production efficiency, increase benefit, catch up with or exceed the cost of production increase, this is the significance of transformation and upgrading, substitution "machine" is a way.

  Automatic and intelligent textile machinery and equipment to alleviate the pressure of the human resources cost, improve product quality role increasingly obvious, therefore also by the textile enterprise users attention. But industry experts generally believe that in the pursuit of textile equipment automation, high speed, high output at the same time, should be more concerned about energy conservation. To the problem of textile equipment, energy saving for the future development direction of xian-min zhu thought to intelligent development is a way out. He thinks that energy saving a goal pursued by the intelligent equipment. For example, at present although some equipment does not work, but still want to keep running condition, this is to prevent the boot after can't normal operation, and in the process energy consumption. If the device to implement the intelligent of the higher level, and it can completely stopped when don't need to work, by the time the need to run ahead of preheating, can achieve the result of energy saving.

  Dongguan is the implementation of "machine substitution" three-year plan of action, for three consecutive years in 2014-2014 "dongguan science and technology" project special funds of 200 million yuan a year, to promote dongguan enterprise implementation of the "substitution" machine. And encourage the purchase and use this.i production equipment project, guan production equipment investment accounted for over 50% of the project equipment and technology, a single project amount to 5 million yuan, the highest award show support for local intelligent equipment manufacturing industry.

  Guangdong billiton starr technology co., LTD., chairman of Wu Fengli, said Rio tinto starr is committed to build the first brand in the whole manufacturing automation solutions, to promote the application of robot significance mainly lies in the fact that to improve product quality and product consistency, increase production capacity, and reduce the staff is not reasonable. He believes that China's manufacturing labor demand is great, but the real to artificial is gradually reduced. After 70, 70, after a lot of people are still in the     manufacturing industry to do some manual operation, but after 90, 00, few people like to do repetitive work. At the same time, Labour costs in ascension, Chinese manufacturing industry faces enormous challenges. Therefore, use automation to replace artificial become mainstream.

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